La Jolla Caves

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Snorkeling Rentals

We offer high quality snorkeling equipment including fins and wetsuits. Have an awesome day of exploration.

Paddleboard Rentals

We have paddleboards (SUP) for those who want to explore our coast and bay. We deliver boards to you.

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We love our beaches. That’s why we sponsor regular beach cleanup events. Come join us!

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Frequently Asked

Why should I rent snorkel gear with you?

Rental companies can be distinguished by their equipment, pricing, and customer service. Our all-inclusive package includes all snorkel equipment in addition to secure storage space, electronics charging, a private changing room, rinse water and waterproof phone pouches.

Can I snorkel or paddleboard in the sea caves around La Jolla Cove?

On rough days water can be funneled into the caves in such a way that it becomes unsafe but on calm days the caves can be navigated on a paddleboard or as a snorkeler with ease.

What can I see snorkeling at La Jolla Cove?

The La Jolla Cove and the surrounding areas are a marine reserve where no fishing is allowed. Because of this, our local animal populations have ballooned into plentiful amounts seals, sea lions, bright orange garibaldi as well as lobsters, eels, rays, sharks, starfish, octopus and even turtles.

What are your prices?

Prices vary and are determined by group size, activity and launch location. Please contact us with this info for a booking. Thank you!

Is there an age limit for snorkeling?

The age limit of snorkelers is up to the sole discretion of parents/guardians. We recommend only those that know how to swim and have swam in the ocean previously to rent snorkel equipment from us.

Are there any safety concerns I should bear in mind when snorkeling at the Cove?

Most all the injuries at the La Jolla Cove are the result of rocks, waves and slips/falls. While rare, it is possible to be stung by a stingray at the Cove.

Still have concerns?

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